Top 16 Best Apps Like Omegle [Android And iOS]

Looking for the best apps like Omegle? Check out these alternatives and interact with random strangers on the go across the globe.

All social media apps like Facebook,  Instagram, or Twitter let the users connect and chat with their friends, colleagues, family, and relatives. No doubt, they are convenient to use and offer incredible features. But the only flaw they carry is they don’t give access to their users to connect with random stranger friends.

What if you want to connect with someone you don’t know?

Here comes Omegle and its alternative apps in a broader picture.

Omegle is an online chatting platform that allows users to connect with random people. When the users add their interests, Omegle pairs them with strangers of the same interests in a chat room with advanced features like audio-video chatting and sharing emojis.

Look at the detailed guide if you are excited to know how to use the best Omegle interests. 

In this article, we have reviewed the top 16 best Omegle alternative apps with their fantastic features. But, of course, you can choose any to have a fun time with strangers.

So, without any ado, let’s begin.

Best Live Chat Apps Like Omegle For Phone [Android & iOS]

Best Apps Like Omegle For Android And IOS

The following alternative apps are also online chatting platforms with advanced, secured features for chatting and enjoying new stranger friends.

1. Olive

Video chat Olive app

An innovative, live video chat Olive app is designed for fun communication with attractive people worldwide. The app offers high-quality video and various cool effects, providing a hassle-free and enjoyable chatting experience.

Users can easily find and connect with exciting people for instant 1-to-1 video calls, making new friends with just one click.

What’s fantastic is that the app allows gender filters and offers the flexibility to meet people from any country, breaking down language barriers with auto-translation chat.

Olive is the preferred choice for meaningful connections in the competitive live video chat app market, though currently exclusive to Android devices.

Cool Features:

  • The app’s advanced video and audio technology ensure crystal clear quality.
  • Users can share their fantastic photos and stories by linking their Instagram accounts, expanding their network and attracting more followers.


HOLLA apps like Omegle

Like Omegle, one of the many chat apps is HOLLA, but this app’s interface is more interactive than Omegle. In addition, it has an age restriction allowing people of only 17 years and above. Unlike Omegle, the best part about HOLLA is that the users on this app are verified. So you can be sure you are talking to real people, not chatbots.

You can also filter the kind of people you would like to interact with based on your interests and save yourself the hit-and-trial method time. You can text, voice call, or video call with the people who speak your language. Unfortunately, it is available exclusively on Android devices only.

If you are unsure how to use Omegle on an iOS device, get an overview here.

Some Cool Features of HOLLA

  • Allows you to connect with others using video chat, voice chat & text chat
  • You can choose the region and gender you like to connect with
  • Allows you to connect with new people all over the world

3. Chatous

Chatous chat apps like Omegle for phone

Another app similar to Omegle for Android and iOS users is Chatous. This app has a user-friendly interface that you can use to connect with random strangers based on your interests, just like in Omegle.

In addition, you can list your interests in hashtags through which your chances of getting the kind of person you want to talk to increase.

The usage of hashtags filters out all the shady people from your match and acts as a good icebreaker when you begin to chat with the other users.

Best of all, you can also share photos, videos, and audio clips during your talking session, which are accessible only for some time and expire after some time to ensure complete privacy.

So, if you want to converse with a new person from around the globe from the comfort of your bed, Chatous might be the way to do it.

Check out our guide on how to Omegle video chat on an Android phone.

Some Cool Features of Chatous

  • You can connect with like-minded people using related #hashtags.
  • Your identity will remain secret.
  • It can be used on desktop and mobile phones.

4. Yalla

Yalla apps like Omegle for android and ios

One of the other chatting apps alternative to Omegle for iOS and Android is Yalla. It is an app quite similar to Omegle, but only with a better user interface that is bubbly and bright.

Interestingly, if you wish to have a group chat on Yalla, the chatrooms can be filtered based on your interests. You can even opt to play games with strangers to keep the conversation fun and interesting.

It is like Reddit except with more responsive people. So if you are tired of ending up with the wrong kind of people on Omegle, you can try Yalla, which is like Omegle in many aspects but is better.

Some Cool Features of Yalla

  • You can play games together directly while chatting.
  • Offers you free live voice chat over 3G, 4G, LTE.
  • You can send virtual gifts to express your support.

5. Azar

Azar apps like Omegle for ios

A substitute app for Omegle is Azar, which you probably might have heard of a lot owing to its advertisement campaign. Even though it doesn’t come with a filter option listing your interests, it does let you find people according to your preferred country and gender, which is otherwise not possible in Omegle. In addition, it connects you to a random stranger via video call.

You can call and interact with each other or go live together and interact with thousands of other people. With the use of countless stickers and effects, you can make your video chats zingier. If there is a language barrier, you needn’t worry because Azar has the option of translating any primary language in real-time, eliminating barriers. It is available to both iPhone and Android users.

Some Cool Features of Azar

  • You can talk with other people using video chat.
  • You can watch videos on Live every day.
  • Allows you to find the correct match.

6. Topface

Topface apps like Omegle for iphone

Topface is another chatting app similar to Omegle, available for Android and iOS users. This platform lets you find random strangers online. The difference, however, is that Topface has more of a dating angle to it where conversations steer towards the naughty sides.

Since the interactions here are sensitive, a lot of care is taken about anonymity and privacy so you can flirt on text, voice call, or video chat with anyone without fear or guilt.

Considering the filter options of the platform, one such option is that it allows you to match your gender specifications. Thus, making your online adventures more fun and desirable.

Some Cool Features of Topface

  • Connect with people you are interested in.
  • It is used by around 100 million people all across the globe.
  • Allow you to use gender regional filters.

7. AHA

AHA apps like Omegle for android

An alternative app to Omegle is AHA, which lets you find random people from around the world. However, unlike Omegle, AHA is solely a video chatting platform. Therefore, you don’t see any offensive content in the chatrooms since it’s a platform for developing friendships.

This app limits the number of spam and fake accounts by integrating your AHA account with Facebook or some other account for identification. In addition, the users have a lot of filters, effects, and stickers at their disposal to make the video chats more amusing and interactive. It is also available for both Android and iOS.

Some Cool Features of Aha

  • It offers you tons of effects, features, and filters
  • You can add or remove new friends
  • You can talk with anyone thanks to its real-time word translater.

8. MeowChat

MeowChat apps just like Omegle

A backup app alternative to Omegle is MeowChat, a highly immersive app with a fun user interface. It has texting and calling options, much like the apps mentioned above, but what makes it stand out is its feature of playing games with people leading to a more exciting conversation.

Many of the people on MeowChat are looking for a flirtatious conversation. So if you want, don’t use this app. It is exclusively available for Android users only and supports six languages- English, Russian, Turkish, Thai, Arabic, and Italian.

Some Cool Features of MeowChat

  • It comes with unique privacy settings. You can set whether your real friends can find you or not.
  • It also allows you to play games

9. Mico

Mico chat apps like Omegle

Mico is another video chat app for both Android and iOS platforms. It has a colorful interface and makes video chatting more engaging by enabling the users to send and receive virtual gifts. In addition, the utility of emojis and stickers is already provided in this app, which reduces the emphasis on words.

Much like Azar, Mico also translates language in real-time, removing the barrier of linguistic differences and allowing you to talk to any stranger from the other side of the world. This app too is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Some Cool Features of Mico

  • Allows you to share a photo and short videos to catch the attention
  • Provides tons of international live streams for users
  • It offers you beautiful stickers, and filters make you cuter

10. Pikii

Pikii chatting apps like Omegle

Alongside video chatting with strangers, Pikii also permits you to interact with friends, followers, and celebrities from around the world. Available on both Playstore and Appstore, this app is much like Omegle, only with much more features. It is a multitasking app owing to its wide variety of people you can choose to talk to online.

Further, its features include finding new and exciting pictures to keep up with the latest social media trends. It also notifies you whenever a celebrity you follow goes live. It has a user-friendly interface so, you needn’t worry about the app lagging.

Some Cool Features of Pikii

  • The interface of this app is straightforward to use and highly user-friendly.
  • Even if you use it on poor internet connectivity, it offers you good performance.

11. Fav Talk

Fav Talk online apps like Omegle

If you are not a big fan of video chats, look no further. On Fav Talk, you can add interest to your profile, and the person will add you to their chat room. The users on this app are vetted, so you need not worry about bots. Its simplicity is that it does not create any space for unsolicited messages. This app is available for both Android and iOS users.

When using this app, you can also set whether you allow or refuse another user of this app to search you or not.

Some Cool Features of Fav Talk

  • You can chat with new people who have similar interests.
  • If anyone finds you, he will automatically be added to your chatting list.
  • It offers you the best chatting experience.

12. Wakie

Wakie alternatives to Omegle apps

Wakie was created as an alternative to other anonymous chat apps focused on creating a more wholesome experience. With Wakie, users can connect with someone worldwide in real-time for short conversations.

Unlike other apps, it is free and doesn’t require users to sign up or share personal information. Instead, you simply select a topic of interest and join a conversation.

The app has a unique “Wakie Calls” feature, which allows you to call someone anonymously and have a conversation. It is a great way to interact with new people and learn about different cultures.

The app is available on both iOS and Android devices. While Wakie is not as popular as some of its competitors, it has a loyal following of users who appreciate its unique approach to anonymous chat.

13. Frill Live

Frill Live Omegle alternatives apps

Frill Live is one of the most popular Omegle alternative apps available today. It allows users to connect with random strangers worldwide in real-time using their smartphone devices (Android and iOS).

The app provides a unique twist on traditional chat platforms by allowing users to see a live video feed of the person they are talking to. This provides a more personal level of interaction and allows users to get to know one another more intimately.

The app also includes several unique features, such as adding friends, creating groups, and playing games together.

In addition, you can control who can view your webcam feed with Frill Live’s privacy settings. As a result, it is perfect for those who want to chat with strangers in a safe and secure environment.

14. Tandoo

Tandoo similar apps like Omegle

Tandoo is a new social networking app that is quickly gaining popularity. Like other apps, it also offers a dynamic platform to chat globally with random strangers on your phone (Android and iOS).

It has tons of unique features that set it apart from its competitors. For instance, it offers a “matchmaker” service that helps users find potential friends based on their interests.

In addition, the app provides a safe and secure environment for its users, with strict anti-spam and anti-bullying measures in place. As a result, Tandoo is quickly becoming the go-to app for those looking to discover new people.

15. LiveMe

LiveMe chat apps like Omegle

LiveMe is a popular live stream video chat app for iOS and Android devices. It allows users to interact with each other in real-time and has several interactive functionalities.

For example, it offers virtual gifts that can be sent to other users and also has a “Fan Club” feature that allows users to support their favorite broadcasters. They can also earn virtual currency by broadcasting on the app, which can be used to buy virtual gifts or redeem rewards.

Finally, the chat app has a “Challenge” feature that allows users to compete against each other in mini-games. Overall, LiveMe is a fun and interactive app that offers something unique for its users.

16. Rooit

Rooit related apps to Omegle

If you’re looking for a chat app (iOS and Android) with more features than Omegle, you should check out Rooit. The app includes all the usual features you’d expect from a chat app, plus some unique ones that make it worth considering.

For example, Rooit lets you create public or private chat rooms, which is excellent if you want to chat with friends or meet new people worldwide. You can also use it to make audio or video calls; the app even has a social network where you can connect with other users.

Best of all, Rooit is free to use, so why not try it?

Final Words

If you are tired of using Omegle, these apps can prove to be an excellent alternative for Omegle. Try them once and interact with strangers despite geographical differences. They will certainly give you a better experience. We hope this article about apps like Omegle is helpful to you.

If you found any other Omegle alternatives apps not mentioned in the list, please share the name in the comment section below.

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