What Does ASL Mean on Omegle? [Guide 2023]

Omegle, simple and easy to use, a free online chatting platform with random strangers. The website randomly matches & pairs two strangers. In a chat room, strangers get to use many abbreviations to know each other; one such is ASL.

What does it mean?

In Omegle, ASL means Age, Sex, and Location. ASL is a simple abbreviation used by users while chatting with each other. It is alright for people who do not know about such abbreviations since they don’t regularly chat.

In this article, you will get all the information related to ASL and other abbreviations used in online chatting.

Let’s get started….. 

What Does ASL Stand For?

The full form of ASL is Age, Sex, and Location. This is generally used between strangers for asking about the age {how old are you}, sex {male or female} and location {where do the other person live}. There are millions of users using Omegle, and all of them are aware of such internet abbreviations.

What Does ASL Stand For

Interestingly, people use many such abbreviations while chatting with strangers of their age groups to save time and also to portrait themselves as cool & classy.

However, ASL is not the Omegle-owned abbreviation; it is common on all the chatting platforms on the internet.

How To Use ASL Properly In A Conversation?

Users asked ASL to each other after salutations or greetings. Since the two strangers talking are anonymous, they usually ask the name first and then age, sex, and location.

Generally, users try to keep their location hidden due to personal reasons. But sharing all three information is not at all harmful. However, ASL is primarily used in chatting platforms where name and identity are hidden; it is not used over social media like Instagram or Facebook.

How To Respond To Someone Who Asks You Your ASL?

Responding or not responding to ASL is ultimately your choice. If you are comfortable with sharing your age, sex, and location with the other random stranger, then you can. But if not, then tell the other person that you are not comfortable sharing such information at the very beginning.

That’s alright!

However, some users feel unsafe and insecure disclosing their identity to someone they don’t know or just a stranger on the internet. It is completely fine since your safety is in your hands.

So, what do you think about how safe Omegle chat is? Get a quick overview.

What To Do If Someone Keeps Asking You, Your ASL, And The Details?

As already said, if you feel okay sharing your ASL and other details with the other person in the chatting room, then you can. There is no harm in it.

But if you don’t feel comfortable or safe to share your ASL and other details, then either you clearly tell the other person that you are not okay with sharing or first ask them theirs and then make your mind.

Moreover, after clearly speaking that you don’t want to share your ASL and someone still troubles you by asking, stop chatting with that person and leave the chat room. Enjoy rather than get annoyed.

Can I Use ASL And Other Abbreviations For Conversations Other Than Chat Rooms?

Yes, definitely!

ASL is just a simple short form for asking about the person’s age, sex, and his or her location. Such abbreviations are very common and well known among teenagers and adults. It makes the conversation easy, effective and saves time too.

One should abbreviate while chatting or having a conversation with someone. Using such abbreviations in a conversation gives the other person positive and friendly vibes, and it becomes easier to connect with someone new.

Other Omegle Abbreviations- 

Other Omegle Abbreviations

There are hundreds of such abbreviations used to chat quickly with someone, without typing much, and are pretty standard among users these days.

Let’s learn some of them to use in conversations with friends and strangers.


Full Form


Be Right Back


In Real Life


Laugh Out Loud


Rolling On The Floor Laughing


I Know Right


Of Course


Never Mind


What Do You Mean


Shaking My Hand


You Only Live Once


Talk To You Later


Laughing My Ass Off


What About You


By The Way


I Don’t Care


I Don’t Know




Oh Really


To Be Honest


Thank You


Just Kidding


See You

FAQs About Omegle Abbreviations 

1. Why do people say ASL on Omegle?

ASL means an age, sex, and location. To ask a new stranger friend about their age, sex and location, in short, people say ASL. Strangers generally use such abbreviations on Omegle. This makes conversation easy and friendly.

2. What does M16 mean on Omegle?

On Omegle, M16 means Male 16. M = male and 16 = age of the person.

This abbreviation is generally used between strangers to answer questions about one’s age and sex. Such types of abbreviations are trendy on Omegle. And it’s interesting too.

3. What does H mean in Omegle?

Actually, H is an emoticon. ‘H’ means “heart” or “cool dude.” Omegle, as well as its slang words, are pretty popular and exciting.

Final Words

ASL (age, sex, and location) and many such abbreviations are well known among users and are used mainly by them while chatting. These abbreviations are not the origin of Omegle; instead, it was started way before it and many more such chatting platforms.

After all, it is one of the best and safe online chatting platforms for teenagers and adults. Moreover, using all such abbreviations in the conversation makes oneself look positive, friendly, and cool in front of others.

I hope the guide “What Does ASL Mean on Omegle” has been informative and helps you connect with strangers more effectively.

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