How To Block Omegle [Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android]

Want to block Omegle? But why?

Isn’t it a safe platform? Isn’t the user liking it anymore?

No, Omegle, without any doubt, is one of the good options for online chatting. But, the reason to block it is its anonymity. There is no age limit (13+ but no identity verification) or registration barrier here. Hence, any human has access to this platform, making it unsafe for kids and simple teenagers.

There is a famous saying, which says – “All shiny metal is not diamond”. Similarly, all good things are not good in all aspects. And this majorly is for the kids and teenagers.

Yes, on Omegle, some users are cool-minded people with no evil intentions, but on the other hand, some create awful and dangerous surroundings. It takes no time to get trapped, especially young and innocent minds.

Well, in this blog, on “How to Block Omegle?” you will get a complete guide for all the operating systems and devices.

Why Do You Want To Block Omegle? 

There are not many reasons to block access to Omegle, but whatever is, it is enough. One such reason is its access to every person; there is neither a verification process nor a registration.

Also, there is no age limit for the users. So it becomes more dangerous to think about what will happen when a kid pairs with a teenager or an adult. Even, there is no hint, with whom you will come across online. And that’s the reason parents feel insecure about it for their children. So, they don’t find it a safe space to make new stranger friends.

Sometimes all these features feel good, but no one knows what will happen next.

Other reasons:

  • Cyberbullying
  • No filter or mask
  • No parental controls
  • Notorious strangers
  • Only web-based platform
  • Not entirely safe for children, or kids
  • Moderated section but of no use

How Do I Block Omegle On Mac? [Google Chrome and Safari] 

Cisdem AppCrypt to block URL

To block Omegle on Mac, there is a popular blocker named –Cisdem AppCrypt.

An impressive feature of this tool is that it restricts access to any websites and webpages on Chrome and Safari browsers with a hard-to-crack password.

In this section, let’s learn how to prevent access to Omegle on Google Chrome and Safari on a Mac.

STEP 1: Install “Cisdem AppCrypt”.

Go to your Mac’s browser and search for this ‘AppCrypt’ app and install it.

STEP 2: Set Password

After installing, you will be asked to set a strong password when you open the app.

STEP 3: Open Main Window.

Open installed and set to use. The icon of the app will appear on the menu bar. Click the icon, and there, open the main window.

STEP 4: Enter the password.

You have to enter the previously set password correctly and hit the OK button on the next page.

STEP 5: Click WebBlock

Now, you see the main window of the app on the screen. Over there, roll your eyes to the top right side and click on > Web Block.

STEP 6: Add the Omegle URL and hit “Block”.

On the Web Block space bar, type in the official URL link of Omegle (, and at the bottom, tap the block button.

Along with this, you can import a category of sites to block.

With this, you have successfully blocked Omegle on your Mac.

How To Block Access To Omegle On Windows [10,8 or 7]

URL Blocker to stop access

The majority of people use the Windows OS for their work and other activities. The steps below will explain blocking Omegle on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

STEP 1: Download URL Blocker.

Head to browser, search and download the URL blocker. No need to install it.

STEP 2: Type in the URL of Omegle.

Once opened, on the space in between, type the official URL of Omegle, i.e.,

STEP 3: Tap on > “Add”.

On the lower right space, there is an “Add” button. Tap on it.

STEP 4: Select >“Apply” and “OK”.

Next, take your fingers to the first “Apply”  option on the same page. Tap on it and then hit the OK button.

And there you go, successfully blocked Omegle on your Windows.

How To Stop Using Omegle On iOS ?  [iPhone and iPad]

Screen Time helps Stop Using Omegle On iOS

Everyone likes portable and handy devices compared to non-portable ones, and that too when it is not on an app version. Therefore, let’s walk through the procedure to remove and block Omegle on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

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STEP 1: On the iPhone or iPad, Go to settings.

STEP 2: Scroll your eyes down to “Screen Time”. Tap on it.

STEP 3: Next, click on the >“Turn ON Screen Time” and toggle it On.

STEP 4: Now, tap on the > “Use Screen Time Passcode“and therein set a passcode.

STEP 5: Next, come to the “Content & Privacy Restrictions” option. Tap and open.

STEP 6: Over there, turn the switch on and enter the set passcode, correctly which you have set in STEP 4.

STEP 7: Here, click on the option that says, “Content Restrictions” and then tap on “Web Content”. 

STEP 8: Next, with all attention, move the tick from “Unrestricted Access” to “Limit Adult Websites”. 

STEP 9: At last, tap >“Add Website” under the “Never Allow”, enter the Omegle website, and tap “Done”.

Completed! Successfully blocked the Omegle website on iOS devices.

How Do I Block Omegle On An Android Phone?

Block an URL

At the end of the blog, let’s learn to prevent access to the Omegle website on an Android mobile phone.

STEP 1: On your Android device, go to Google Play Store and install an app called “Block Site”.

STEP 2: Now, move to “Settings > Accessibility” and turn the toggle ON.

STEP 3: On the app, come down to the “+” icon and click on it. It is placed near to lower right part of the screen.

STEP 4: Over there, under the Website tab, enter the Omegle URL, which is, and at last tap the checkmark icon.

And it is completely removed and blocked from your Android device.

Final Words

Setting up something might definitely be a challenging task, but removing or swiping it off is not that complicated. Similar is the blocking procedure of the Omegle website on different devices with different operating systems. The steps of some devices are lengthy but will take you to accurate space and results.

This article majorly discusses how to block Omegle on Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android. If you want to keep yourself and your children away from Omegle, then the article was of all meaning to you. Follow the steps as they are structured and presented to reach to correct conclusion. Omegle’s is not the wrong platform, but the people actually are!

If you are still confused and want to ask any questions, let us know in the comment section below.

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