How To Find Girls On Omegle [3 Hidden Tricks]

To find girls on Omegle, add interests that appeal to them, like fashion, travel, beauty, music, etc. Never forget to configure the “language settings” and prefer “text to video chat.” Remember, Omegle is a random chat platform, so there is no guarantee.

Hey Guys! Excited to know how to find girls on Omegle and chat with them?

Or, are you getting bored to chat with male strangers?

Or, want to have some fun time with cool girls?

If your answer to any of these is yes, here is a treasure for you all.

In this article, we will share some proven strategies to find girls on Omegle and guide you on how to initiate a conversation that can potentially lead to a long-lasting connection. So, if you are eager to enhance your online chatting skills, keep reading!

Before using the platform, one should keep in mind that it has some terms and conditions that every user must adhere to, or you will get banned or restricted.

How To Find Girls On Omegle [3 Amazing Tricks]

Amazing Tricks To Meet and Chat With Girls on Omegle

Most of the users on Omegle are men, and many of them want to meet girls to interact with. Unfortunately, Omegle’s random chat sessions make it almost impossible to find only girl users.

However, here are some fantastic tricks to meet and chat comparatively with more females.

1. Enter interests that relate to girls

Omegle Interests To Meet and Chat

Earlier, it was easier to find girls through the “Facebook likes” feature on the site. But it got removed by Omegle.

However, another trick is to find females using the “Interest Feature on Omegle.” It asks you about your interests, and you have to enter keywords like singing or gaming, etc. Then, according to your interests, the Omegle server connects you with like-minded random people.

But, what are the trending tags to meet more girls?

And, how do we use this feature to fulfill our purpose of finding girls on Omegle?


The trick is to add interests similar to that of girls. However, most interests might be common with teenagers and kids like dance and dancing, but you have to continue searching.

These keywords generally of interest to females are books, GoT, dance, tango, movies, etc. However, I can’t assure you these tags will be 100% effective but is good enough to meet girl strangers.

2. Selecting a proper language

Choose language

Selecting appropriate language plays a vital role in getting girls on Omegle website. If you choose the universal language (default) like English, it will likely meet more males than females on the website. So, it is wise to select alternative languages.

The idea is so simple!

Interestingly, you will get the percentage of females users comparatively higher in other languages (Portuguese 22%) as compared to English (5%), and then you can configure your language settings accordingly.


Percentage Of Female Users (%)













3. Omegle College Chat Feature

college chat feature in Omegle

The “college chat feature” is also an effective way to get college girls on this platform. Its chance is very high when compared to other features. Unfortunately, only university/college students or professors have access to this feature and chat with each other.

Are you wondering how to meet stranger girls with this fantastic feature?

You need to have .edu mail to avail this feature, which is possible only if you are a college student, professor, or staff member.

But, the good news is that many sites are selling .edu emails. So, if you are not a student or professor, you can purchase the .edu mail, but this is not the legit way to use the college student chat feature.

Which Feature On Omegle Will Let You Meet More Girls?

We have listed all the possible ways to find girls on Omegle. Let’s find out which feature will let you get the most girls. Here is a list in decreasing order of percentage-


Expectation To Meet Girls (%)

College Chat


Spy Mode


Text Chat


Video Chat


Restricted Chat (Unmoderated Section)


The least percentage of females gets usually found in Restricted Chat (2%) and the more chances of meeting girls in the “College Chat feature.” The more interesting is that they prefer text to video chat, which is unbelievable. 

7 Secret Ways To Chat With Girls Safely On Omegle

Want to chat with stranger girls on Omegle?

But don’t know how to keep her attention. Just relaxed!

Let’s discuss a few tips that you need to keep in mind while talking:

Ways To Chat With Girls Safely On Omegle

1. Find interests that appeal to girls

One of the few features of Omegle is that it randomly pairs you up with a stranger with similar interests. So, if you put in interests according to the female demographic, as mentioned above, your chance of getting a girl is high.

For example- use female-centric hobbies or interests that most appeal to girls like Chocolates, singer’s names, movies, music, etc.

2. Have your conversation starters at hand

Initially, it’s a little bit difficult talking to a stranger online, so you need ice-breakers for that.

However, you can start by asking her if she likes a certain band/movie/book, etc. This avoids any awkward silences and increases your chances of making a girl interested in you.

3. Avoid asking the person if they are female

This question naturally would draw any girl away as it might give the wrong idea that you want to have a dirty talk. So instead, begin by talking to them, and you’ll eventually figure out who they are by picking up subtle clues on how they speak and what they prefer.

Note: If you are doing a video chat, make sure that the person exists. It is effortless to use a recorded video in the chat.

4. Keep the light conversation

When you start chatting with the girl, keep the conversation light. Ask her about her town, school/college, studies, hobbies, favorites, etc. Do not steer the conversation towards a heavy topic like politics or religion that could ruin a potential friendship.

5. Find common interests/tags

The girl’s chances of getting interested in you will increase if your interests match her. Tell her about it if she comes up with something you have heard of or like. And stay away from boring topics. Most girls on Omegle use it to have fun.

6. Be humble

Avoid boasting while introducing yourself. The golden key is listening to the girl and talking less about yourself.

7. Be funny but classy

Last but the best is to crack jokes in between conversations.

Girls like funny guys!

Although you have to be careful with the kind of jokes you crack and how it displays on text. Texts have a way of completely changing the joke’s meaning. So avoid using dark humor, and keep it classy.

Try telling a funny anecdote from your life. This way, she will know that you are humble too for laughing at yourself. And then she might tell you a funny story from her life as well.

Do Any Girls Use Omegle At All?

Do Any Girls Use Omegle At All

Yes, many girls use Omegle and love chatting just like their male counterparts do. But, due to the anonymity, it is difficult to determine the gender of the person unless they disclose their own. However, the female-to-male ratio is low, with more male users due to various growing concerns.

But why do girls still use the Omegle site? Get a quick overview.

Things To Consider On Omegle

1. Don’t share your personal information

After all, Omegle is an online chat service with a stranger. So, there is a chance that the person could be lying about their identity. In such a case, staying safe online is the first and foremost thing.

Don’t click on any links and give out personal details like Credit or Debit card numbers.

Also, avoid sharing your contact number, Facebook ids, or Skype ids until you both know one another better.

2. Don’t meet

Don’t arrange any real-time meeting with a stranger unless you are sure about their nature. Even if you do, make sure it’s a safe place, and you both are comfortable with it.

3. Don’t do anything illegal

Always talk like a gentleman and avoid using inappropriate language. Also, don’t get angry or take out your frustrations if someone female stranger doesn’t want to continue the discussion.

Stay humble with a minor (over 13 years of age); otherwise, you get into a lot of trouble. Be careful and use common sense while texting.

4. Don’t bully anyone

Cyberbullying is all about harassing, threatening, or embarrassing someone else over the Internet by sharing their harmful or mean content. It can also include their personal details.

Unfortunately, it is now more prevalent with the use of technology and is a serious concern that can have a negative impact on a person’s mental health. Furthermore, it can be even more challenging to check on platforms like Omegle due to the anonymity of both users. So, be careful!

FAQs About Meet Female Strangers On Omegle

Meet Female Strangers On Omegle

1. Why am I not getting any girls on Omegle?

Not getting any girls on Omegle can be due to several reasons, including being unable to find common interests related to girls, inappropriate behavior, or not having a unique and engaging conversation starter.

2. Is it possible to find girls on Omegle with a 100% rate?

No, it is not possible to find only girls on Omegle with a 100% rate since it provides a random chat. So, the possibility of finding a random stranger exists, but that stranger being a girl is not definitive. Also, Omegle doesn’t provide any gender selection options.

Fortunately, some Omegle site alternatives offer gender filters, and you can talk with only girls or the opposite gender.

3. Why do women quit using Omegle?

Women quit using Omegle due to concerns over harassment, inappropriate behavior, and offensive content from other users. Moreover, the lack of security measures and anonymity on the platform further intensify these negative experiences, making them feel unsafe and uncomfortable. So, there is no option but to quit it.

Final Words

Finding girls on Omegle can be a fun and exciting experience if you have the right skills, but it requires patience and effort. By following the tips and tricks outlined earlier in this guide, you will definitely find the girl of your dreams on the platform.

Remember, there are no gender filter options or direct links to find them. You will have to enter best interests or tags that appeal to females. Above all, the key to having meaningful connections on Omegle is to be respectful, engaging, and genuine.

I hope you found this guide on “How to find girls on Omegle” informative and that it answered all of your questions. If you found it helpful, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and colleagues so they can benefit from it as well.

Do let me know in the comment box if any other tricks are spinning in your mind to meet female strangers. Stay connected with us to get the latest guides and tips!

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