How To Flip Camera On Omegle [Android, Windows & iOS]

Is it possible to flip camera on Omegle?

If Yes, how to use the back camera? Why is there not any handy button for it?

If you are an Omegle user and are more into video chatting than texting, then for sure, these questions have encountered your mind. So, the answer to this most frequently asked question is YES!

You can quickly invert your camera while making a video call on Omegle from your Android, Windows, and iOS device.


Using Opera browser!

Many web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc., are available on the play store or app stores, but none offer this fantastic feature.

Fortunately, Opera, a web browser, gives you the access of flipping the back camera on Omegle, which other web browsers have lacked to provide. Also, since Opera has been listed on App stores and Play store for many years for download and installation, you can’t question its safety and legality.

Well, today’s article is going to help you with configuring the back camera on Omegle for video chatting.

Curious to know? So, let’s begin.

How To Invert Camera On Omegle on Android, Windows, or iOS? 

Opera browser to flip camera while omegle video chatting

Omegle doesn’t have any app-based version till now. Hence, this might be the reason for not having any handy button to flip the camera. However, the solid alternative to this issue is the Opera browser 

On Opera, the Omegle works and functions the same as it used to on Google Chrome or Firefox, but the only add-on options you will witness after clicking on Video Chatting are –

  1. Speaker or headphone, &
  2. Front Camera or Back camera

By enabling the options you wish to have, you can enjoy Omegle on the Opera browser.

In addition, check out our descriptive guide on why Omegle camera is not working with possible solutions.

Now, let’s walk through the proper steps to reach the goal.

Flipping The Camera On Omegle Using Opera [Step-by-Step] 

STEP 1: Open Google play store or app store accordingly on your device.

STEP 2: Search for the “Opera browser.”

Here, be careful. You have to download & install Opera, not Opera mini. On the Google play store and the app store, you will find two Opera versions. Go with “Opera.”

STEP 3: After installing, open the app, and on the search bar, type in the official website of Omegle.

STEP 4: Once, after the opening of Omegle, go to the “video chatting” section and make a video call.

STEP 5: As soon as you click on Video chatting, a pop-up will appear on the screen asking – Speaker or headphone, marking as per your choice.

Then, the second pop-up will come, will ask you – Front camera or Back camera. Click on “Back Camera.”

STEP 6: At last, hit > Done.

That’s it! It’s done. Now, you can make the other person see anything you wish to show them via your back camera.

How To Invert Your Camera On Omegle Laptop?

Under this section, you will learn a new topic about the Omegle camera and how it works on a Laptop.

SO, the thing is now; an Omegle user can invert their camera to 180 degrees or 360 degrees. How?

For this, you have to keep your device upside down or against the ceiling. This option is exciting and adventurous to use with a new random friend.

Now, let us look at the process to invert the camera on the Omegle laptop.


STEP 1: Head towards the “Setting” option.

STEP 2: Over there, come down to “Camera settings” and then > “Image Rotation.”

STEP 3: Now, roll down a little and stop at “Camera.”

STEP 4: Next, Enable the switch, which is placed near the Mirror Front Camera option.

And task accomplished!

You can now quickly invert your laptop camera on Omegle. 

Final Words

Everything is possible; you need proper research. Omegle is an online chatting platform that lacks somewhere due to its pre-planned functional structures and safety policy setup. Fortunately, Opera has come as a savior for this and saved us.

Opera, a web browser, gives access to connect ManyCam on Omegle for video calling. It played a significant role in configuring the back camera on Omegle. However, it is precisely similar to other web browsers, but the favorable added feature makes the video chatting experience of the user more memorable.

Hope this guide has helped you all and has solved your problems. All the mentioned steps are self-tested, and to reach the desired conclusion, follow them as they are presented.

Don’t forget to share this fantastic guide, “How To Flip Camera On Omegle,” with others. It helps their chatting experience be engaging, fun, and enjoyable.

Do share with us if you have any other working tricks to switch on the back camera.

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