How To Record Omegle [Windows, Android & iOS]

Excited to learn how to record Omegle video chat on different devices like Windows PC, Android, and iOS (iPhone, iPad & Mac)?

Want to capture and save some precious moments on Omegle?

Luckily, you can capture great conversations and funny video chats with the best screen recorder programs.

NO doubt, Omegle is one of the best online chatting websites with many advanced features, including video calling and texting. Here, you meet many random strangers and have a great time chatting with them.

But unfortunately, you might have felt upset sometimes that you can’t save the best moments or record them as Omegle doesn’t have an in-built recording option. This is due to the safety protocol and maintaining every user’s integrity. However, there are tons of screen recording extensions and applications for every operating system like Windows, Android, and iOS.

This article will give you a complete idea of capturing screen on Omegle rightfully and saving your best memories.

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Method 1: How to Record Omegle Video On Windows PC [VLC] 

Record Omegle Video through VLC

Video recording is a complete bunch of mixed moments, sometimes creepy or memorable. Since Omegle doesn’t have any such option to record, VLC makes that thing possible on Windows PC.

VLC, a free cross-platform video software, lets you record your screen. It works for both Mac and Windows computers with ease.

Now let’s explore VLC applications to capture video on Windows PC.

Steps to use

STEP 1: Download the “VLC for Windows(.exe) file on your device.

STEP 2: After downloading, open the EXE VLC file from the download section and click “Next.” It will install the settings and directories.

STEP 3: Once installed, go to your desktop screen and open the VLC software.

STEP 4: Next, look at the upper left corner and click on >“Media” and then >select “Open Capture Device.”


After that, select Desktop > Frame Rate.

Set the frame rate at 30fps, as it is the standard frame rate.

Next, at the bottom of the screen, find the “Play” option, click down the arrow, and there tap on >“Stream.”

STEP 6: Set a filename and directory :

After, stream on the consecutive page, click on > “Next,” then add file name and location, preferably – choose “Desktop” and hit >“save.”

STEP 7: VLC ready to record. When you’re ready and want to begin recording, click on “Stream.”

STEP 8: Now go to the Omegle website, select Video chatting and a friend, and enjoy video calling plus recording.

STEP 9: To end, click on “VLC” on the taskbar below and hit “Stop.” The video will be saved in the directory.

Method 2: How To Capture Omegle Chat On Android Phone [AZ Screen Recorder]

AZ Screen Recorder

Omegle users prefer mobile phones because, first, the features and functions on the phone are handier than PC, and second is the portability of the phone, which can be taken anywhere in between video calling.

Screen capture for Android devices is made easy with the AZ Screen Recorder app. It has many exciting features such as HD video recording quality, crystal-clear microphone sound, live-streamed video, no watermarks, and unlimited time. Interestingly, it works smoothly without the root.

Now, let’s walk through “AZ Screen Recorder” to record on Android Phone.

Steps to operate AZ screen recorder-

STEP 1: Firstly, Download AZ Screen Recorder on your phone and install it.

STEP 2: You must carefully follow the instructions to ensure that this tool will display over the other apps on your phone.

STEP 3: Once installed, you will find the AZ Screen Recorder icon on the screen. To capture the Omegle video chat, you just need to tap on the icon. That’s all!

Interestingly, it can record the audio as well.

STEP 4: At last, to end the recording, you are required to drag down the icon or hit the stop button. To watch the recorded video, visit your photo gallery.

Method 3: How to Screen Record Omegle on iPhone or iPad [AirShou]

AirShou to record screen

Omegle has always been fair with iPhone as iPhone, and iPad users can use their device’s screen recorder to record. But sometimes, due to technical issues or security reasons, if iPhone and iPad do not support the inbuilt screen recorder to record on Omegle, you can use “AirShou.”

AirShou, a third-party iOS screen recorder app, allows you to capture anything on your iOS screen and is completely free to download.

The most significant benefit is that you don’t have to leave your iOS device for the recording screen. Interestingly, it can record up to 60 fps in HD screen format and offer stereo sound.

Now, let’s learn to use it over iPhone and iPad –

STEP 1: Download AirShou.

STEP 2: Head to Settings, over there select“General” and then>“Profiles & Device Management” and last hit the “Trust button.”

STEP 3: Now, come back to the home screen. Open the Omegle site, find a friend, perform Omegle video chat, and to begin screen recording, hit the Record button.

STEP 4: Now, in the end, when thinking to end the Omegle video chat, go to the home page and tap on the “Stop” button.

Method 4: How to Capture Omegle Chat on Mac [VLC]

Last but not least, Let’s experiment with a screen recorder for Mac users. Here also, VLC plays its role best.

The free VLC media player (capture the Omegle screen on Mac) is a perfect software for every computer system, whether Mac or Windows. It works on both platforms equally well.

Now, let’s explore VLC for Mac users to record their screens without wasting time.

Steps to use-

STEP 1: Download the “VLC installer for Mac” (.dmg) file on your system.

STEP 2: Once downloaded, go to your default Downloads section and search for the .dmg VLC file. Double-click to install it.

Simultaneously a page will pop out; over there, click “Next” to install with default settings and directories.

STEP 3: Once installed, go to your desktop screen. There you will find the VLC application; open it.

STEP 4: Next, you have to click on >“File” at the upper left of the VLC window and then > select “Open Capture Device.”

STEP 5: Under thecapture tab,” select “Screen” under the drop-down menu.

STEP 6: Here, on display, you have to click on the “Streaming/Saving” tick box so that you can save it as a file.

STEP 7: Go to the lower-right corner, and click on “Settings” to configure it.

STEP 8: Now, click on the check box next to “Video” under the Transcoding options section and choose “h264” from the drop-down menu beside it. It is regarded as a good choice for video playback.

Then, choose MPEG-4 as the Encapsulation Method and 3072 as the Bitrate.

STEP 9: Go to the “File” tick box and press “Browse” to navigate the place where you want the video to be saved, and then, at last, click “Save.”

Press “OK” once to proceed.

STEP 10: To start the recording process, click on “Open” at the lower right end corner of the screen.

STEP 11: Now go back to the Omegle site, select a friend to video chat, and enjoy video calling with screen recording.

To stop recording, click on “Playback” on the top menu bar > select “Stop.” The video will be saved in the directory.

Final Words

All the extensions of screen recorders have added more value to Omegle. That’s why the users don’t want to leave Omegle. The “How to record Omegle” problem is solved in this article with appropriate methods.

All the methods mentioned above and software to capture on Omegle are self-tested. To reach the result, follow the steps as they are presented. Nothing to worry about because all the software discussed is authentic and available on Google Chrome and VLC. Install, and enjoy recording.

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