How To Use Omegle Video Chat on Android [Secret Tricks]

Are you facing an issue using Omegle video chat on your Android smartphone?

Or, struggling to connect your Android device camera to Omegle?

No worries! Your search is finally over here, as you will get to know the simplest and easiest tricks to access the Omegle video on your phone.

Omegle is an online chatting platform for all ages (at least 13+) that randomly or based on interest pairs you with new stranger friends. It offers numerous amazing features that attract young users the most, and one such feature is “Video Chatting.”

On Omegle, every user can directly go for video chatting instead of texting. It also supports other web browsers and overlay apps to increase the quality of Video Chatting. All these aspects are quite effective without any compromise.

Though Omegle is supportive on Android mobile devices, since it is not available on the mobile app version, the camera creates an interruption.

Actually, on Android, the popularly used web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, UC Browser, Firefox, etc., don’t allow cameras on any website. Hence to overcome this disturbance, you need to install a browser named – “PUFFIN” to smoothly enjoy your free time on video chatting at the Omegle website that too on an Android mobile device.

Let us explore it in detail.

Features Of Omegle Video Chat

Omegle Video Chat on Android Phones

As you know, Omegle is popular for its impressive features, which are up to the mark that of all ages groups demand it.

Here, let us go through its features in regards to Video Chat.

  1. On Android, Omegle allows a direct video chatting facility with a new random person.
  2. It offers a high-resolution video quality, along with good bass audio.
  3. The video chatting option supports third-party apps and websites for a better experience.
  4. It can add apps such as “ManyCam” to overlay video chatting.
  5. A web browser like ‘Puffin’ works best on Android, similar to a PC or laptop.
  6. The service is free and anonymous unless you disclose your name and other stuff.

How Does Omegle Video Chat Work on Android [Guide]

Puffin Browser for android

The web browsers in Android devices don’t support the camera for video chatting purposes. Hence, you have to download another web browser, popularly known as PUFFIN, for the same.

With it, you can quickly access the camera of your Android phone while browsing. Interestingly, one can experience an impressive and smooth video chat on the other side.

Well, you might be wondering why Puffin? What is so eminent and special in Puffin? So,

  1. Puffin is the only browser that supports all flash-files online.
  2. It offers a theatre mode for video chatting and games.
  3. It is Cloud protected.
  4. Exceptionally friendly to social webcams including Omegle, Chatroulette, Skype, etc.
  5. One can enjoy video chatting in a private tab in a desktop view.
  6. And, it loads the page at the fastest speed with no lagging or buffering.

Now, let us walk through the procedure of its usage-

Following are the steps to do Omegle video chat on your Android mobile:

Would you like to access Omegle Video on iOS devices?

STEP 1: Download the Puffin browser (.apk file) and install it on your device.

STEP 2: After installing, launch the app and click on the “search bar.”

Launch Puffin browser

STEP 3: Over there, type in the official website of Omegle, which is, and open.

STEP 4: Now, as you are on the home page of Omegle, carefully find the three vertical dots on the side of the toolbar, on the top right corner, and “Tap” it.

three vertical dots on the homepage of Omegle

STEP 5: A list with the option “Request desktop site” will come up; switch on the toggle.

Request desktop site on Omegle

STEP 6: Next, refresh or reload the site, and as usual, select the “Video Chat” option from the bottom of the Omegle home page.

Video Chat option on Omegle

STEP 7: On the next screen, you have an option to zoom the video as much as you can.

STEP 8: Now, you are all set for video chatting on your Android device.
Give access to your microphone and camera, click > allow.

Access to your microphone and camera

STEP 9: Next, Puffin will ask you whether you are a robot or not. So, click on > “I’m Not A Robot” and solve the captcha correctly.

STEP 10: And, there you go. Video chat is ready.

Puffin is a web browser in an application format that allows Omegle and many social apps to run effectively.

How Does The Puffin Browser Differ From Others?

Puffin is a web browser, more or equally similar to other browsers. Although its functioning and basic working principle are the same, they majorly differ in one aspect: it supports third-party apps on its portal, on PC and Mobile devices as well.

As you may have experienced, many Android web browsers, such as Google Chrome and, say, UC browser is enough for searching and downloading. Still, it doesn’t offer users to connect any third-party app and make you do many settings, ultimately taking the interest out.

Thus, the Puffin is safe and sound for using a webcam and specifically for optimizing video chatting on Omegle on any android device.

FAQs About Omegle Video For Android

 1. Why is Puffin Browser Banned on Omegle?

In recent times, Puffin has gained thousands to millions of followers using it for Omegle video chatting. However, the problem here is that Puffin doesn’t use its IP address but the proxy IP address of some famous countries like the United States of America and Singapore. It is a breach of the security policy of Omegle and not acceptable by it.

Hence, Omegle has banned Puffin. Other than this, there is no other reason for the ban of Puffin on Omegle.

Wrap Up

Fortunately, Omegle, with its distinctive features, is enough in itself to offer the ultimate user experience to its user; however, its fundamental policy doesn’t offer smooth working on a mobile device.

Hence, for this, we have founded an effective web browser to fill the gap. The web browser, Puffin, mentioned in the blog, is self-tested and reliable for the safe use of Omegle on Android phones. For an accurate conclusion, it is instructed to follow the steps as presented.

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Enjoy video chat!

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