Omegle For Kids & Alternatives [What Parents Must Know 2023]

Hey kids! Getting bored? Want to make new friends with social distancing? Want to have some fun? So, here is a treasure for you guys – Omegle for Kids.

Omegle kids is an online chatting platform for all kids who wish to make new friends of all ages and enjoy talking with random strangers worldwide.

Omegle website offers a variety of features like live video chat, exciting emoticons, and the very easy, one-click option to leave the chat room anytime with anyone. Of course, Kids can end the discussion anytime.

And you know what’s the terrifying thing here is, Anonymity. Yes! children don’t have to register themselves before starting any conversation. However, when they enter this online platform, their name & identity will ultimately be Anonymous, i.e., Hidden / Unknown.


Stay tuned till the end!

What Is Omegle Kids?

Omegle chat for kids is a platform for those who are 13+ years old, where two random kids are paired arbitrarily to enjoy online text or video chat sessions with a new stranger friend. They are being set up in a private chat room for having a discussion, and their identity is kept hidden and safe.

Here, children make friends, talk with them, share their cultures, discuss interests, and have endless fun in a secure environment. Interestingly, there is fun, laughter, excitement, and everything kids demand from an online chatting platform.

Apart from this, the kids have access to many exciting features such as audio and video calling – where they have a chance to hear or see their new stranger friend, choose friends with common interests, so to have more comfortable understanding, and can share pictures & emojis as well. All this will collectively help the children find the right friend and build trust on another side.

And, all these fun and features are just a click away. Moreover, the kids do not have to go through long lengthy registration procedures. Actually, on Omegle, the participant is not required to do the registration; by just hitting the “start chat” option on the official website of Omegle, one can enjoy everything.

Even the participant’s identity is kept confidential. So how will it come on the website when you haven’t put it anywhere? Right!

How To Use Omegle Kids?

The children of today’s time are very tech-savvy; they know everything. But still, in this section, you will get a complete guide on-

  • How to start and end the chat?
  • How to start finding new friends with common interests?

1. How to start and end the chat?

Exploring and using Omegle is very easy-peasy for the children, as the funda here is very simple. You need to follow the steps given below-

STEP 1: Visit the Omegle website.

Go to the internet browser on your device, search the above link and open it.

STEP 2: Agree on the “Terms and conditions.”

The website will ask you to read and agree to the Terms & Conditions to use this platform on the first interface. So read every point on the list carefully and tick it.

STEP 3: Next, tap on the “Start Chatting” option.

After agreeing, you will be directed to the next interface, where at the right bottom, you will see the option to start chatting. Tap on it. 

STEP 4: Now, Choose one–“text” or “video chat.”

Here, you have to opt whether you want to do a text chat or video chatting. Click on the option as per your wish.

STEP 5: To end, click on “Stop” at the bottom.

After a while or anytime, if you don’t want to continue the ongoing discussion furthermore, you can terminate it by clicking on the Stop option, present at the bottom of the same chat page. Click, and you are out.

Again, if you wish to start a new conversation with a new stranger friend, you can begin. Repeat the same process from the home page.  

2. How to find a new friend with a common interest?

Find a new friend with a common interest

To enjoy this feature, children don’t have to juggle much. This option, too, is straightforward to experience. What you have to do is –

STEP 1: On the home page itself, somewhere on the left column, find the option that says “type or enter your interests.”

STEP 2: Enter your interest and tap > “search.”

STEP 3: Now, the website will search & find a pair that matches your interests.

Isn’t it simple? 

Similarly, the other options such as text-video chat, or sharing of emoji and pictures, you can find all of these on your chatting page itself. Whenever you start a discussion with someone, all these options will automatically get visible on the chat page.

Also, before enabling any features, the website will ask for your permission; if you are comfortable using a particular option, then tap on yes. Don’t worry; it’s nothing but just a safety measure Omegle offers. 

Best Omegle Tags/Interests For Kids

Common interests make online chatting effective and comfortable with strangers. It helps us connect with the person on another side of the screen more energetically. This even creates a better understanding.

The website has already given its users an option to enter their interests on the homepage. But what are the trending tags that kids use while chatting on Omegle?

Wanna know? Ok, Let’s explore.

  • Movies (Harry Potter, Freaky Friday)
  • Stories (The Golden Touch)
  • Indoor/ Outdoor Sports ( Chess, football)
  • Video games (Animal Crossing, Crossy Road, Cuphead)
  • Play an instrument (Guitar, Xylophone)
  • Books (The Little Prince, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone)
  • Pets (Dogs, Cats)
  • Magic
  • Dance
  • Songs

Hehehehe! Everyone can have interests….. I found these interesting to do.

So, these were some of the interests that a kid can enter to have a good chatting time with other kids.

Why Do Kids Use Omegle?

The world is filled with all types of kids. Some are very confident and strong; some are shy, timid, and unsure. Also, kids do self-doubting; they think a lot about their physical- appearance, what others will think, judgment, and whatnot. But, on Omegle, kids don’t feel all this. Instead, they feel good to meet strangers with whom they can talk and share their day-to-day life.

Secondly, there is no need for registration along with the quick start and stop chatting option. And many such reasons are there. Hence to make it visible, let’s witness the advantages and disadvantages of Omegle chat for kids.


  • No registration required
  • Completely free website to chat online
  • Anonymity and confidentiality
  • Exciting and advanced features


  • No filter or mask
  • No Omegle app; only web version 
  • No parental controls
  • Notorious adults
  • Not entirely safe for kids

How Safe Is Omegle For Kids?

Still wondering, is Omegle safe for kids?

The Omegle website doesn’t ask for your name and other personal information; hence is 30% safe.

But what about the rest 70%?

Since registration is not necessary, people of all age groups can come here for online chatting. And despite everything, Omegle is a technology, not human, and it’s the algorithm set to pair the two random people, so it can pair you with anyone, with all age groups.

Sometimes, many children who are not so confident and mature fall into the trap of the wrong adults who tease, bully, troll, and in extreme cases, harass & assault. Therefore, the website becomes unsafe for the kids.

Read More: Explore our in-depth guide if you are curious about how dangerous Omegle is and keeping kids safe on Omegle.

But at the same, if you are a mature kid and confident enough to give back an answer to handle such things, then this platform is not that unsafe for you.

Hence, all this makes it safe and unsafe simultaneously. Rest everything is on kids, how they deal with the stranger.

Has An Omegle Pedo Ever Been Arrested Or Charged?

Since its launch in 2009, Omegle has become one of the internet’s most popular chat platforms. The website pairs users randomly and can then talk anonymously with each other globally. Due to the anonymous nature of the website, it has become a haven for predators and pedophiles.

While it is impossible to know how many predators are active on Omegle, there have been a handful of arrests and convictions of users who have engaged in illegal activities like cyberbullying, grooming, and child exploitation on the website.

These arrests illustrate the dangers that Omegle poses for children and teens. The anonymous nature of the website makes it impossible for parents to know who their children are talking to, and predators use this anonymity to their advantage. For these reasons, it is crucial for parents to be aware of the dangers of Omegle and to monitor their children’s activity on the site closely. They should encourage their children to use the site only with parental permission.

Top 4 Omegle Alternatives For Kids

Omegle is the best and has all the amazing features for kids. But, let’s explore some similar websites like Omegle.

1. Chatous – Free online random chat

Chatous online chat room for kids

The Chatous is fantastic online chatting platform for kids. The notable feature of Chatous is that it pairs the kids with other kids of the same age group. This platform is available on Android and iOS (App Store and Google Play); hence one can use a mobile app version.

Due to security issues, the Chatous does not facilitate its use with video or audio chatting options. It only offers a text chat session as of now. It allows the user to select a random topic and gives relatable hashtags to use while chatting. Overall, it is a better option for kids, same like Omegle.

2. KidsChatFree chat rooms for older kids and teens

KidsChat texting platform for kids

KidsChat is also a chatting platform for kids of a minimum of 13 years. It provides the user only text-based chat room, just like Chatous.

One more noticeable thing here about kidsChat is it is not a random chat platform. You have to pick any stranger and send a private message request to that person for having a chatting session.

Apart from this, like Omegle, on kidsChat, the user does not have to register and can enter the website using a guest login option. There is no random chatting feature. Only text chat is available.

3. Chat Avenue – Free Kids Chat Rooms

Chatavenue online chatting for kids

Chat Avenue is an online chat room platform, which means the users have first to pick a stranger friend and then have a discussion. Like KidsChat, you can only have text chatting, and chat rooms don’t require registration. Therefore, it is effortless to start a quick chat with a new stranger friend.

But, as per the research and finds, Chat Avenue is not too safe for kids below 16 years. All of a sudden, the kids can find themselves in a mature discussion. People in this community are very fast to start an adult conversation, which is not 100% safe for kids. But, rest, it is okay.

4. 321Chat – Free chat rooms for everyone

321Chat chatting platform for kids

321Chat is another chat room-based online-only texting platform for kids. Here too, the registration is not necessary but choosing a stranger and sending them a private request message to start text conversations is needed.

Apart from this, the 321Chat platform is a little similar to the community of Chat Avenue. Thus, it requires a kid’s attention before entering into a chatting with someone. However, this platform has a simple and quick option of terminating the conversation and leaving the chat room. Thus, it is safe.

Similar to other alternatives, it is one of the best and safe online chatting websites for kids, with all the fantastic features.

FAQs About Omegle Kids

1. Can I get in trouble on Omegle if I say I’m 18 but only 17?

There is no clear answer to this question! But yes, you may get in trouble.

While Omegle doesn’t require users to create an account or verify their age, the site states in its terms of service that users must be 13 or older.

However, if you misrepresent your age on Omegle, you may be violating the site’s terms of service, and you could be banned from using the site. In addition, if you engage in any illegal or inappropriate activity on Omegle, you may be subject to prosecution.

Therefore, it is important to be truthful when using Omegle, or any other online chat site, to avoid potential legal trouble.

2. Do you think Omegle is safe for 12-year-olds?

Omegle is not recommended for children under 13 (terms & conditions). While the site can be fun and exhilarating, it can also be dangerous, especially for younger users. There are certain risks associated with using this website.

Risk #1: Multiple reports of predators using the site to target minors have been reported. They easily connect with vulnerable children and teens.

Risk #2: In addition, there is no way to verify the age or identity of any user, which means that anyone could be pretending to be someone they’re not.

Risk #3: Omegle is a chat site allowing users to talk to strangers online globally, which can be risky for young children.

Risk #4: There is no moderate on Omegle, meaning anyone can say anything they want – including profanity, inappropriate comments, or even solicitations.

Risk #5: Many people use Omegle to engage in illegal or harmful activities, such as cyberbullying, grooming, and child exploitation.

Risk #6: There is a lot of content on the site that is inappropriate for young minds.

For these reasons, it is best to keep children away from Omegle.

3. Can 11-year-olds go on Omegle?

No, not at all!

Omegle chat is for the kid having the age 13 years and above. Hence, an 11-year-old shouldn’t go on Omegle and shouldn’t use it.

4. What do kids search for on Omegle?

Kids mostly search for a new stranger friend with similar interests on Omegle. Apart from this, they also search for funny emojis and tags to send.

5. How to find kids on Omegle?

The kid just has to go on the homepage of Omegle and type their interests; after that, Omegle will search and find a good pair for them.

Final Words

Omegle for kids is a fun and amazing space for the kids to find new friends and enjoy online chatting with them. The platform does not ask for registration or any other personal details, keeps you anonymous, and hence is a bit secure but can’t predict the person’s age on the other side of the screen over the internet. Therefore, one needs to be careful and stop the chatting session if feel uncomfortable.

Also, it offers the kids several features for enjoyment along with an easy exits option. It is a secure random chat platform for kids to chill over the internet.

Have fun and enjoy yourself!

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