Omegle vs Chatous- Which is Better?

Guys! Which do you think is better- Omegle vs Chatous? Yes, I know it is pretty challenging to choose between the two, especially when both websites have millions of followers or subscribers and rank the best in terms of features, interface, and security.

But the decision has to be made. So, today this article will first discuss details about the functions and features of both and later go through a quick comparison table.



So, without creating more tension, let us start the battle…

Omegle: Talk to strangers randomly

Omegle- chat with strangers

Omegle is an online chatting website. It has two main chatting options: ‘ Text Chatting’ and ‘Video Chatting.’ It is quite popular among its teenage users and followers of all generations. It has been believed that users are more attracted by the ‘direct video chatting’ option, just one click and ready to connect to a new stranger friend.

Omegle has kept a ‘no registration’ policy for its user, which means you are a stranger to a person you are going to meet in the chat room and majorly to the website. This clearly states the safety and integrity of the users.

You are simply anonymous to everything on this internet-limited chatting platform. Rest after chatting with another person; it is your personal choice if you want to reveal your name, age, location, or anything.

Omegle pairs two random people in one chat room for chatting and video calling session. It is its basic working principle. Also, it tries to pair two random strangers with the same interests. “Interest tags” are the first subject that Omegle asks you to enter before going for chatting.

Many reviews report that Omegle has achieved millions of users because of its unique feature, whether ‘Direct Video Chatting’ or ‘text chatting’ or ‘access to a third-party application.’

You might be surprised to hear that Omegle supports third-party applications as well. The application by which one can operate the Omegle website on mobile devices. It allows the usage of a third-party app to increase the user experience and add flavor to video calling and chatting.

Overall, Omegle is a bunch of exciting packages. These were the notable features and functions of Omegle.

Now let’s move forward to Chatous.

Chatous: Live video chat rooms

Chatous Video chat For iOS Devices

Like Omegle, Chatous is also an online chatting website with millions of users around the globe. It is not limited to the web version but has also given a chance to enjoy a mobile application version to its users. It is available on the Google Store and the App Store.

It takes only a few seconds to download the app, and you can start chatting with random strangers entering your gender and birthday.

Unfortunately, Chatous also allows users to join without confirming their email address or phone number, leading to chat rooms full of scammers, creepy people, and bots. However, it also offers users text chatting and video chatting/calling options.

What is so cool is that Chatous gives the two connected strangers a chatting room with multiple options, such as mini-games. Here, users can keep a nickname for themselves and create a status to upload it.

You might feel it a wonder that Chatous is available in every possible language. That is why it has millions of teenagers, adults, and above-generation users worldwide. It is what makes it an attraction.

Also, there is one key on its interface, which gives you a space to select a location you want to explore and wish to find a friend. Just type in the country name, and you can connect with the desired person quickly.

Now, let us quickly see a comparative chart of the two to make a final decision. 

Comparison Table:  Omegle vs Chatous




Text Chatting 



Video Calling



Age Criteria 

+13 Years

+17 Years




No Registration Policy 



Mobile Version



Location Based



Country Filter



Gender Filter



Responsive Design



Multiple Languages 



Supports Third-Party App




Here, the guide comes to an end. I hope it will be easier for you to select one platform- Omegle vs Chatous. If you ask me, as a researcher, I would suggest you closely go through the features of both the website and, according to one’s preference and enjoyment, choose one.

Well, both platforms are best at their stand and have maintained millions of teenage and adult followers for years.

However, if you have any questions regarding anything, feel free to drop a comment, and we will try our best to answer you. For more such articles, turn on notification & stay tuned.

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