Omegle vs Chatroulette : Which is Better?

Did you get sick of using Omegle for the past few months and consider trying Chatroulette instead? But guys, Wait! Did you know the features of Chatroulette in comparison to Omegle?

No, but want to know, so you are absolutely in the right place, as today there will be a battle of Omegle Vs Chatroulette.

However, there are many similarities and dissimilarities between them as well. But the major one is, on Chatroulette, you don’t get the chatting {texting} option; there is only a video chatting option.

Let’s move further and see the clear difference between the two and choose the best.

Omegle Vs Chatroulette: Comparison table




Chatting [Texting]



Video Calling



Media Sharing



Registration Process /

Mobile Verification



App Version



Capture Video






This table clearly gives a win to Omegle.

Let’s walk through the details of both the website and its functioning.

Omegle: Overview

Omegle- chat with strangers

Omegle is an online chatting website that doesn’t possess an app-based version but only works over a web browser. Anyone above the age of 13 years can freely enjoy Omegle.

The user doesn’t have to be worried about the registration process; it accesses the entry without filling in an identity. It makes it a somewhat safe space for the users to be open as all the users are anonymous to each other.

Omegle offers its users a variety of features such as text chatting, video calling, video chat recording, pairing random users based on common interests, media sharing, emoji and supports third-party apps for more features and a better experience.

The principle of pairing two random users is a ‘common interest.’ Whenever a user comes on the website portal, the first thing they are asked to do is enter their interest.

After that, Omegle analyzes & compares from its database and pairs the two random strangers with common interests. This makes the conversation smoother and more memorable.

Chatroulette: Overview

Chatroulette Omegle Alternatives

Like Omegle, Chatroulette is also a web-based online chatting platform with numerous features. However, it doesn’t offer its user text chatting option; it has only a video calling option.

Additionally, the user must first verify using a mobile number, which is a registration process. No entry without verification. Once verified, you will be allotted a profile to enter and use the website.

The minimum age requirement to come on the website is 18 years, so no teenagers and kids are eligible for online chatting over this platform. Chatroulette counts it under the security policy of its website.

You can’t believe it is safe because it is first performing the verification process and profile creation. Since it is in the hands of adults and the above generation, they know very well how to use such websites. Hence, your safety is your responsibility.

However, if you ask me, I will say you choose according to your preference. If you want to enjoy your leisure time on video calling and texting, you go for Omegle, and if you are fine with only video calling, you can choose Chatroulette.

Rest the features and working principles of both websites are more or less similar. Even the security and safety parameters of both somewhat lie on the same plane.

Hence, choosing by carefully reading and understanding the topics is suggested.


A detailed overview of both – Omegle Vs Chatroulette has been explained in the article. The choice between the two would surely be difficult as both are good and engaging. Well, this article will help you make a choice, which you definitely would not regret.

Despite, if you feel any doubt or confusion, be open and type in the comments box below. We will be more than happy to help you. Read the article and share it with your friends as well.

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